About Us

With the launch of Smart Clean in June 2019, we aim to help Egyptian consumers find the best cleaning products by offering them products from trusted international brands. Our goal is to provide our customers the best products used by international hotels and

restaurants for the first time in Egypt

Our Mission

By selecting, presenting and selling the highest quality cleaning products and equipment used in the most prestigious hotels, we aim to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Our Vision

We are seeking to be a company that sells and distributes efficient cleaning products, a value-added kit that is easy to use, eco-friendly and affordable as well for as many people as possible.

Our Strategy

Our business strategy based on the four key pillars below

Commitment : Enabling us to reach guaranteed results 

Customer: Being the Center of our perspective.

Quality: Doing our best to provide high-quality materials and services

Teamwork: Working as one unit to achieve our goals