change for the better

In our surveys of more than 50,000 golfers about their wedge games, we kept hearing the same story. “My wedge play is pretty inconsistent. I’ve tried wedges from all the big brands, and I never get any better.” 

What these golfers don’t realize is the different wedges they’ve been trying over the years are more or less the same clubs with different logos. Of course they all do the same thing! 

Testing Brand X against Brand Y and Brand Z and concluding that nothing helps is like saying, “I’ve tried every kind of persimmon driver and I’m still not driving it longer or straighter.”

Edison Forged Wedges are different. They have an ultra-high center of mass that will improve your distance control and increase your spin. And because they’re more forgiving on off-center hits, they’ll make your bad shots more like your good shots.

31 feet closer

We define a “better” wedge this way; does it make the ball consistently finish closer to the hole than the competition? We know our wedges do.

If you’ve been playing golf for any amount of time, you already know that wedge shots hit high on the face or off the toe just don't go anywhere. Unfortunately, that huge distance loss is built into all mainstream tour design wedges.

We confirmed this with independent robot testing. We purchased 54-degree "tour design" wedges from top brands, putting them head-to-head against Edison Forged Wedges. The clubhead speed was 75 mph for an average distance of 85-90 yards. On mishits, Edison Forged Wedges finished an average of 31 feet closer to the hole.

Think about what 31 feet closer really means. That’s more than 10 yards! It’s the difference between putting from below the hole and being plugged in the bunker.


The only way to significantly improve wedge performance is to dramatically change the way the mass is distributed across the back of the clubhead. That's why the Edison Forged Wedges look and perform so differently from all others. 

We have put 25% more mass above the center-face impact point to maximize forgiveness and spin. Just like you want a driver with a LOW center of gravity to increase your launch angle and reduce spin, you want a wedge with a HIGH center of gravity to lower your launch angle and increase your spin. 

You might be asking yourself, why haven’t the other wedge companies already done what Edison is doing? They do have brilliant engineers and amazing resources. And that is true. 

The truth is that the big wedge companies are finally starting to raise the mass in their wedges, but they are limited in how far they can go by their tour staff. These elite players earn their living with their short games, and if you change their wedges too much, they would have to relearn all those magical scoring shots they have spent years perfecting.

Obviously, they can’t afford that to happen. But since you’re not likely practicing your short game for hours every day, you’re only going to experience benefits from having 25% more mass at the top of your wedges. Show us a golfer who doesn’t want more spin, more consistency, and more forgiveness from their wedges, and we’ll show you a golfer who doesn’t want to get better.


Our robotic testing of all the top wedge brands exposes the big problem with the wedges played on tour. It’s called “smash factor.”

Smash factor is the measure of the relationship of clubhead speed to ball speed. And traditional wedges are extremely finicky about where you make contact on the face. In fact, your “tour-design” wedges are less forgiving than any traditional forged blade iron – which you likely ditched years ago.

Hits low in the face (where tour players make contact) with just about any wedge on the market will exhibit a smash factor of 1.16-1.18, meaning the ball speed is 16-18% higher than the clubhead speed. But it’s not your best shots that run up your scores, is it?

Your problem is that with a tour-design wedge, even a half-inch miss toward the toe or higher in the face can reduce the smash factor by up to 20%. That's because there is so little mass behind the top 2/3 of the clubface.  And that’s why these shots just don’t get there.

Edison Forged Wedges have an ultra-high concentration of mass that puts more mass higher up to keep the smash factor as consistent as possible across the club face. This means your halfway-decent shots will fly pretty much like your good shots.


One thing we should mention is that there are other wedges on the market that claim to be “ultra-forgiving”, but they don’t stand up to the needs of serious golfers. Most of these are cast cavity-back wedges that have hotspots, which is a big no-no when it comes to distance control.

Many of them also look clunky at address, and they have wide soles that don’t allow serious golfers to hit the touchy-feely shots they need to score.

No one has ever said any of those things about Edison Forged Wedges. They’re 100% forged so the feel is exquisite. And when it comes to the way they look, most of our customers think our wedges look even better than the tour-design wedges that used to be in their bags.

higher spin

A wonderful side effect of our ultra-high center of mass is that it creates a more efficient “gear effect," a basic tenet of golf club design that cannot be ignored. Wherever you make contact with Edison wedges, you're going to see improved spin, particularly on those mid-range wedge shots where you don't swing as fast.

In robotic testing, Edison Forged Wedges increased center-hit spin by as much as 18%! And because our ultra-high distribution of mass mitigates spin loss on off-center impacts, the average spin increase from all five impact points (center, toe, heel, high and low) was even more pronounced.


Edison Forged wedges solve the trajectory issues many golfers face with their wedges. Robotic testing proves that Edison wedges create launch angles that are 2-4 degrees lower than the ‘tour design’ wedges you’ve been playing.

When you're pin hunting, you don't want the ball above the trees where it can float around in the wind. You want to hit low laser beams like the pros, and Edison Forged Wedges help you do that.

Our Wedges Are Not For Tour Players

Call us crazy, but we don’t care about tour players. And because we don’t focus on what elite tour professionals want from their wedges, we’re free to design the best wedges for the other 99.9% of golfers.

 On the business side, our success doesn’t depend on endorsement deals with tour players. We created wedges that solve the problems of golfers that don’t get their clubs for free. And we’ll trust the success of those golfers to help us spread the word.


Every Edison Forged Wedge is designed around the patented Koehler Sole, and it’s hard to find a lie this sole doesn’t like or a swing path it can’t handle. The Koehler Sole combines a high bounce angle in the front of the sole with a low bounce angle in the back of the sole for each loft so you can forget about the sole and just hit the shot.

If your swing is steep or you play in soft conditions, Edison Forged Wedges will perform like a high-bounce wedge. If your swing is shallow or you play in firmer conditions, Edison Forged Wedges will perform like a low-bounce wedge.

So, no matter what shot you're about to hit or where you're playing, you'll always have the right wedge


In the wedge category, it seems like the majority of the hype is about grooves and face texture. We have tested wedges with no grooves at all and can share that -- on a dry ball -- grooves may add as little as 15% more spin. Fifteen percent!

With all the repeated claims about better grooves, do you realize the USGA has not changed the rules governing these aspects of face treatment in more than 10 years? Yes, milling techniques have improved since then, but the improvements that can be made through groove geometry are minuscule at best.

Still, every wedge maker is pushing the envelope on face texture and groove geometry – and Edison does, too – but meaningful leaps in spin generation just cannot be made by changing the grooves and clubface only. Grooves are just the icing on the spin cake.

When you buy an Edison wedge, you’ll be playing wedges with groove geometries that are right up to the USGA limits. We’ve also added our “X-Pattern” face texture to our wedges with lofts of 57 degrees or more, which will help you maximize spin on less-than-full shots where you really need to stop your shots on a dime.


The shafts in your wedges are just as important as the other shafts in your bag, and maybe even more so.

 Think about what you ask your wedge shafts to do on a regular basis. At full speed, the shaft has to stabilize the heaviest heads in your bag so that you can control the clubface through impact. But the very next shot with that same club may be a delicate little chip shot where the clubhead only moves a few feet.

That's why Edison is a staunch proponent of a seamless transition from the shafts in your irons to the shafts in your wedges. The only way to get that is by making sure the material, weight, and flex of the shafts are consistent from your short irons into your wedges.

We’ve chosen KBS premium shafts to deliver the highest-quality feedback and feel. No cast wedges with generic stiff steel shafts can compare. But if there is a particular shaft you like, we’re happy to build your Edison Forged Wedges on those shafts instead.

 The same goes for the grip. Our standard grip is the Lamkin Crossline, available in Regular and Mid-Size, but we are happy to add wraps underneath or build your Edison Forged Wedges with whatever grip you like.


Golfers ask their wedges to do so many different things, so you simply have to put a new wedge through all those tests to know if they are truly better.

That’s why we offer a no-risk, 30-day money back guarantee on your first Edison wedge. Let us build you one to your specs. Try it for 30 days. Hit the shots you face every round on the courses you play. If it’s not the best wedge you’ve ever played, you can send it back to us for a full refund.