Calvatis Ultimate Toilet Cleaners Package #2


Calvatis Ultimate Toilet Cleaners Package #2

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The Bundle contains 3 of Calvatis products; Stainless Steel Cream Cleaner S7 + Hard Surface Cleaner S2 + Weekly Toilet Bowl Cleaner S6.

The Hard Surface Cleaner S2 has anti germs and microbes concentrated formula designed for surfaces like toilet bodies, sinks, bathtubs, etc.
Note: the product is not designed for wood surfaces as it’s not food-graded and it can’t be used on kitchen counters as well.

Package size: 750 ml

The S6 Weekly Toilet Bowl Cleaner; a weekly cleaner used to remove all stubborn yellowish stains and deposits due to its acidic composition.

Package size: 750 ml.

The S7 Stainless Steel Cream Cleaner cleans all stubborn stains and dirt off stainless steel with no scratching.
The product is for cleaning and not polishing.
Package Size: 750 ml