Housekeeping Quatro Bundle


Housekeeping Quatro Bundle

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Housekeeping Quatro Bundle
The bundle consists of Floro floor cleaner from Smart Clean + Calvatis S3 Glass and Mirrors Cleaner + Calvatis S4 Wood and Furniture Polish + Calvatis S5 Concentrated Roses Air Freshener.

Floro Floor Cleaner:
- Eliminates bad odor.
- Dries quickly and does not cause much foam, so it saves effort and water
- Due to its acidic formula it can remove stubborn stains efficiently.
- Leaves a fresh and pleasant floral scent.
- concentrated which makes it an economic option.
Package size: 750 ml

S3 Glass and Mirrors Cleaner
- It cleans Stains, dust, dirt, and fingerprints with zero smearing.
- Has a pleasant, insect-repellent scent.
- Reduces dust accumulation.
Package Size: 750 ml

Calvatis S4 Wood and Furniture Polish
- Cleans, Polishes, and protects the wood from Corrosion/Erosion
- Dries quickly leaving a refreshing scent.
- Reduces dust accumulation on wooden surfaces.
- Fits all different wood surfaces.
Package Size: 750 ml

S5 Air Freshener:
- Concentrated and used in small quantities
- Relatively unlikely to cause any allergic reaction
- Eliminate unwanted odors by neutralizing them
Package Size: 750 ml