Diversey Taski Tapi Extract 5L Carpet Cleaner


Diversey Taski Tapi Extract 5L Carpet Cleaner

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 Taski Tapi Extract carpet and furniture cleaner:

  • Features ONT technology to neutralize and eliminate odors
  • Removes dust and allergens
  • Excellent cleaning performance of stains and dirt without foaming
  • Suitable for use on any type of carpet, including wool
  • Doesn't cause foam, so it is suitable for some types of vacuums that work with this feature
  • Tested for its pH level so as not to cause corrosion/ furniture on upholstery or carpets or any furniture
How to use:
The carpet is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, then the product is placed in a spray device moderately, and left for 10 minutes to dry. Afterward, the carpet is washed with clean water, and then you should comb the carpet to get an effective, strong, and perfect result.

Package Size: 5 liters